Re: [gDesklets] countdown2

nanker phelge wrote:

I was wondering if there was a way to label the timer in case you wanted to run multiple countdown timers for totally different events?

Nice Idea!
You can run multiple countdown timers but I'm afraid it haven't implement the multiple label.
But it is a good direction for next version;)
Xusheng Hou


On 6/8/07, * Xusheng Hou sun com <mailto:Xusheng Hou sun com>* <Xusheng Hou sun com <mailto:Xusheng Hou sun com>> wrote:

    Make sure you have the countdown control.
    Xusheng Hou

    nanker phelge wrote:

    >i just installed gdesklets on FC6 gnome. i have a couple of the
    >working ok but i can't seem to get the countdown2 to start & or
    work. i
    >right click the desklet -> configure desklet & enter  a reference
    >year/month/day/time that i want to countdown to (a date in the
    future) but
    >after i close the config window the desklet just displays ?? days
    ??h ??m
    >what am i missing? it is almost as if the desklet doesn't have a
    clue of
    >what the current year/month/day/time is or something.
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