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Robo Pastierovic wrote:
The whole idea for 0.40 (and now for 0.36 as well) was to take this
stuff (shell, installation, etc.) out from the core. It's inside a
control called Desklet. This makes it possible to build desklets that
handle shell functionality.
It is questionable if someone will ever build desklet that handles shell
functionality without being part of the gdesklets (core) team. The other
thing is that gD shell runs system commands, so for the user's comfort
he shouldn't be bothered with messages that running this desklet should
be dangerous. So it basically must be part of the core or somehow
recognized as "official" shell. I don't think it's worth the trouble :)

Actually it's no trouble. The amount of extra code to make the installation based on the control is minimal. It's just good design. Having the installation as a control has many advantages in addition to the fact that you can use it in desklets. Such as encapsulation and modularity (you can develop the control on it's own and release when you wish and it runs on all gd versions).

I don't understand the point about running system commands.. the code would have to run those commands anyway. Putting them in a control is not a security risk in itself. Actually I feel that the whole thing makes the process more transparent as people can very easily find the installation related code when they don't need to understand the core.

And there will always be one official shell. It'll be the one that starts through the gd-menu.

If people are against the web integration, we can turn it off. It's
just a simple feature.
Ok. But than you should design the shell in such a way that it won't
lose the functionality of the current shell while turning this off. From
the images I see, it seems to be heavily website-based (News?). And the
content from the website should be clearly distinguishable for the user

The applications so far have been more proof-of-concepts that actual shells. All good features of the old shell will be there (installation via dnd, etc.).

Personally I find the News bit to be one of the best new features :). I wasn't actually even planning on it in the beginning.

The cairoshell might be my starting point for the new shell. I think I'll start developing from there. I guess I'll take out the cairo transparency code and just do a plain boring regular GTK-app :)

> Anyways, I will try to install the 0.4 and take a closer look at
> the shell.

Thanks. Eagerly awaiting your feedback. Please remember that the control is still WIP and doesn't work nicely offline ;).

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