Re: [gDesklets] Categories


Bjoern Koch wrote:
Uppercase and lowercase should definitively be handled the same.
It might be a useful idea to provide it in a (XML or text) file which
can be part of the core and/or (for updated if needed) on the website ?!

No need to make it part of the core. We should keep the core as generic and simple as possible. Once desklet submission by giving a display file works, we can easily enforce the categories mentioned on the website.

Until then we can just rely on people submitting the desklets with proper categories and complain about the rest.

Please note that you can't submit a desklet with an unknown category, but you can (for now) write a different and false category in the display files meta tag.

So, anyone willing to throw in the first list of categories to start
with ?? ;)

From the site:

    * Alarms & Alerts
    * Date & Time
    * Fun & Amusements
    * Internet & Email
    * Music & Audio
    * News
    * System Information
    * Toolbars & Launchers
    * Weather
    * Miscellaneous
    * Dictionaries & Translation

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  > +35840 722 5101      <

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