[gDesklets] Categories

Hi there,

here is the theard about categories:

Robo Pastierovic schrieb:

> I mostly agree. Furthermore we should make a list of valid categories. As of now 
> each desklet may have its own category and many of them are either duplicates 
> (because of uppercase/lowercase characters) or very similar. I would prefer 
> rather shorter list (10 max 15 categories). And maybe category doesn't need to 
> be mandatory. If it's not clarified or doesn't match any from the list then will 
> be as uncategorized.

Uppercase and lowercase should definitively be handled the same.
It might be a useful idea to provide it in a (XML or text) file which
can be part of the core and/or (for updated if needed) on the website ?!

So, anyone willing to throw in the first list of categories to start
with ?? ;)

Greetings, Bjoern (H.Humpel)

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