Re: gnome-python-extras: revisited

> The simplest thing to do is:
> * rename the bindings directory so it is built last
> * start the build in the desktop directory

Actually, no.

The build order should *not* rely on the alphabetical order. It sure
depends on it, but it should not *rely* on it. That's what LIBDEPS is

Bindings are "bindings", given that name by the GNOME release team

Most users (presumably) do build desktop only anyways, or at least start
by this. Only some folks are brave enough to build the entire GARNOME,
including all the extra stuff/weirdness, including mono and matchbox...


char *t="\10pse\0r\0dtu\0  ghno\x4e\xc8\x79\xf4\xab\x51\x8a\x10\xf4\xf4\xc4";
main(){ char h,m=h=*t++,*x=t+2*h,c,i,l=*x,s=0; for (i=0;i<l;i++){ i%8? c<<=1:
(c=*++x); c&128 && (s+=h); if (!(h>>=1)||!t[s+h]){ putchar(t[s]);h=m;s=0; }}}

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