gnome-python-extras: revisited

I discovered that the configuration file for 

is clever enough to determine what it can and cannot build. It comments
out things in the Makefile that it cannot build because of missing
dependencies. What this means is the order in which things are built in
GARNOME will effect which of the gnome-python-extras are built. 

For example, if the build starts off in the bindings directory,
gnome-python-extras for:
* gtksourceview
* gdl
* totem
* gtop
* nautilusburn
* gda

will *not* be built.

If the build does not start off in the bindings directory,
gnome-python-extras will not be built until required by 


At that point, the dependencies tested for all of gnome-python-extras
listed above, except gdl, will have been satisfied, so these extras will
be built.

the gda extra requires python2.4. Configure does not test for the python
version [bug already reported] so the build fails.

Since I started building in the bindings directory this time around, it
should be interesting to see what happens when I get to gDesklet.


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