Re: [SuSE 8.0] Build possible

Дана петак, 17. октобар 2003. 22:27:51 CEST, Olaf Bergner написа:

I read that message, but IIRC it stipulated that depending on the
exact configuration of your box further patches might be needed.

No, it meant that if you go outside of realm of gnome-desktop, you might need more patches.

For gnome-desktop, it should be enough (if you have all the dependencies as listed on Garnome web page).

For now, I will try recompiling the whole lot using gcc 3.3.1. But
come to think of it: will it actually work even if I should manage to compile it? What are the side effects of having some libs compiled by gcc 2.95 and others by gcc 3.3.1? Does anyone know?

I heard reports of it not working very well, but your mileage may vary. Since it doesn't seem like you posted your message to Garnome list, I've included it in its entirety ;-)


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