Re: [SuSE 8.0] Build possible

hi Olaf:

El vie, 17-10-2003 a las 02:36, Olaf Bergner escribió:

> 4) Well, I googled and lo and behold: libcroco meanwhile seems to
require gcc 
> 3.x. But it's not a required library. So I erased it from the
Makefile. On 
> with the show.

i've got the same problem. how did you solve it? where did you erase the
line exactly, please?

i'm very new on this and i don't know program.

thank you.


PD: i'm compiling garnome into /root as root :) due to space disk
scarcity. will garnome put files only into its directory in /root? will
not it to put files in other site in the tree?

thanks again

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