Re: [SuSE 8.0] Build possible

Olaf, waju, please see a message titled 'GCC 2.95 patches for Garnome 0.27.1 -- "undeclared" errors' from October 15th -- there you'll find some patches to make it work correctly, not just to avoid those packages.

OTOH, if you want to just remove some dependency, check the
and watch out for LIBDEPS line.

PD: i'm compiling garnome into /root as root :) due to space disk
scarcity. will garnome put files only into its directory in /root?
will not it to put files in other site in the tree?

That's bad in terms of system security. If you're not concerned with system security, it might be enough to do "chmod go+x /root" when you're done.


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