[SuSE 8.0] Build possible

I spent roughly 20 hours trying to build Garnome on my SuSE 8.0 box. Here's a 
by no means complete sketch of what I tried:

1) Tried a vanilla install of Garnome, went into the meta/gnome-desktop dir, 
did "make" and surrendered my fate to the powers that be.

2) I had some minor issues to resolve involving some libraries not installed/
not in the right places. Well, I have seen worse.

3) Oops, when building libcroco my good'ol gcc 2.95 started to complain about 
some undefined variables already referenced. I had a short look at the 
offending code, but not being a C hack I didn't dare to touch it. Looked OK 
to me, though.

4) Well, I googled and lo and behold: libcroco meanwhile seems to require gcc 
3.x. But it's not a required library. So I erased it from the Makefile. On 
with the show.

5) Another compilation error, a real one, not one of those funny linker/
include probs I have grown fond of. Don't recall the module, but this one's 
serious. Garnome won't work without it. And Google says its gcc 2.95 again.

6) Got GCC 3.3.1, configured it, ran make and installed it in a safe place far 
off my regular programs. Had to tweak my LD_LIBRARY_PATH, but that's about 

7) Recompiled. At first only some minor issues. Gnopernicus turned out to be a 
real showstopper, what with all the CLASSPATH issues. So no Gnopernicus. 
There's worse in life.

8) OK. Epiphany wants a current mozilla build installed. And it wants the 
headers. Tried a recent SuSE mozilla-devel rpm. F.., linked against glibc 
2.3. Tried a mozilla 1.4.0 rpm which is not linked against glibc 2.3. Well, 
it's compiled with gcc 2.95 which makes my shiny new gcc 3.3.1 choke when 
trying to link.

9) Got the mozilla 1.5b sources and compiled those with gcc 3.3.1. Then tried 
to rebuild epiphany several times. Some strange problems with libIDL not 
being found. Had to manually adjust a Makefile under /mozilla/embed or so.

10) Finally, I gave up. Prototype mismatch between mozilla and epiphany, it 
seems. One of those "...candidates are ..." lines. Do I have the wrong 
mozilla version?

So one short question after a long text: Is there anybody out there who 
managed to compile Garnome on such an ancient OS as my SuSE 8.0 seems to be? 
And if yes, what do I have to do to accomplish such an extraordinary feat? I 
don't mind getting my feet wet, but there's got to be a silver lining on the 


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