Re: Newbie Question: cd meta && make install

On Sun, 2003-10-05 at 17:00, Jerry Talkington wrote:
> When you run make install from a top level directory, you are essentially cd-ing
> into all of the subdirectories and running the command there, so all of
> the dependencies should be taken care of.

That's my favourite way of installing Garnome. cd to the gnome
directory, remove the ones I know are going to fail (like grandr because
I don't have Xfree86 4.3) and then first 'make install', then 'make
paranoid-install'. The first one will try to build all the garballs in
the directory. If something fails, it will be skipped. The next one does
the same thing, but aborts on error, which makes it easy to find the
troublesome garballs.


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