Re: Turn off dependency checking?

<quote who="Idan Gazit">

> Nick Moffitt & Jeff Waugh Wrote:
> > You suck. You know nothing about the intricacies of make or gar or
> > anything that matches the glob pattern "auto*".
> Uh... Guilty!

Ha ha, awwww. :-)

> It was just a suggestion that came around because I wrote the app to do
> exactly what I wrote in the first post; i.e. get a list of dependencies
> w/o doing it by hand (Think perl -- why do it by hand when you can spend a
> day writing an app to do it for you? Laziness, hubris...)

Blame my laziness for not upgrading to the latest GAR stuff. :-)

> Hope to contribute something more worthwhile in the future,

You're way welcome, I think a few people have learnt a bit more about GAR
and make just through this thread.

btw, I've been using GAR as a basis for some impromtu make tutorials - if
you want to get to know some really handy make stuff in a really cool
project, read the GAR makefiles. Nick ("maaaate!") has done a sterling job.

- Jeff

      "Trying to get a PC to analyse one of the most abstract forms of      
   language - the poem - is like trying to drill for oil with a banana."    
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