Re: [gamin] greedy gam_server

On Sun, Nov 05, 2006 at 03:07:29PM -0500, Barry Rountree wrote:
> I turned on debugging and let it run for a good long time.  Obviously,

  Usually a very short debug session is needed. If there is a loop pattern
you will spot it quite fast, accumulating megabytes of logs does not help.
Looking at the beginning of the output where gam_server tells what client
are here, what they are watching is usually what is needed to get some 
ontext on the following output.

> that generates millions of messages.  Far and away the greatest number
> of them were:
>    6534 Event to kded [kdeinit] : 127, 1, .xsession-errors Changed

  So kded watch the error output 

> That's interesting....  Let's have a look at .xsession-errors
>    rountree malaise:~$ ls -l .xsession-errors
>    -rw------- 1 rountree rountree 262071980 2006-09-27 08:48 .xsession-errors
> Ok, that's huge.  What's in there?
>    end from FAM server connection
>    invalid length 24902
>    invalid length 24902
>    invalid length 24902
>    invalid length 24902
> Over and over and over again.

  Okay you have a loop over. 
Very first thing would be to tell the KDE environment to not watch 
.xsession-errors to avoid the loop.

> This starts to happen sometime after I start up Konqueror (although based on
> what I've googled, it appears that many kde applications can trigger it) and
> stops when I kill konqueror.  

  I never use KDE, can you get some KDE developpers to debug the FAM request
they are doing ? The invalid length error was supposed to be fixed. Did you
run clients who were using an old gamin library ?

> The really simple and stupid workaround could be something as easy as 
> making the default to be ignoring any .xsession-errors file.  
> Shall I send you a patch?

  Not to me, to the KDE guys I guess. This kind of policy should not be
buried in the code, that could go in the user configuration file though.


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