Re: [gamin] greedy gam_server

On Monday 06 November 2006 02:47, Daniel Veillard wrote:
>   Okay you have a loop over.
> Very first thing would be to tell the KDE environment to not watch
> .xsession-errors to avoid the loop.

Ah, ok, let me look into that.

>   I never use KDE, can you get some KDE developpers to debug the FAM
> request they are doing ? The invalid length error was supposed to be fixed.
> Did you run clients who were using an old gamin library ?

libgamin0 0.1.7-2ubuntu1 on my box -- can't speak for others.  Which version 
had the fix applied?

Bruce, I see you mentioned gamin-0.1.7 in your email; was that the version 
that you saw with the problem?  

Julie, could you run "yum search gamin" and then "yum info <whatever the name 
of the gamin package is>"?  One or the other of those should tell you what 
version you're using.  Also, could you go into your home directory and 
run "ls -l .xsession-errors" and send in the output?

> > The really simple and stupid workaround could be something as easy as
> > making the default to be ignoring any .xsession-errors file.
> >
> > Shall I send you a patch?
>   Not to me, to the KDE guys I guess. This kind of policy should not be
> buried in the code, that could go in the user configuration file though.

Ok, I see where putting it into the code would be a bad idea.  I do like your 
idea of a config file change, though.  Maybe comment it out by default, with  
a description along the lines of "KDE users -- add this if you see gam_server 
using excessive resources."

Julie, are you still seeing this issue?  If you applied a workaround, would 
you be willing to revert it to test out a new config file?

> Daniel


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