[gamin] greedy gam_server

Just in case you don't hear back from anyone who knows anything about gamin, I 
looked on my own machine and found (with locate) several files with the name 
gamin.   Many are in the directory /usr/share/doc/gamin-0.1.7/

One of them, README, has some reference information and is below.

I am running Fedora 5 and I am on this list since several months ago I had 
some problem with gamin.  I got pissed when it was hogging resources and 
deleted some file -- the problem went away.  Sorry I don't know which file I 
deleted, but it seems to not have harmed me in any noticable way.

You and I may be the only ones on this list.  Good luck, 

[bruce blacky gamin-0.1.7]$ cat README
Gamin is a file and directory monitoring system defined to be
a subset of the FAM (File Alteration Monitor) system.

 The main goals of the project are:
 1/ minimize the security model of FAM
 2/ simplify the code base
 3/ provide an API and ABI compatible replacement for FAM
 4/ try to fix some other issues like resource consumption

The project home page is (temporary) at:

A mailing list is also available to discuss about this project,
see the following URL for subscription informations:

and the on-line archives:

The CVS base is in the GNOME project CVS base at cvs.gnome.org, the
module name is 'gamin'. See

From an historical point of view, gamin builds from the marmot project
authored by James Willcox and Corey Bowers and then heavilly modified
to turn it into a minimalist FAM replacement (Francophones will
appreciate the filiation from fam to marmot and gamin)

This library is available under the terms of the GNU LIBRARY GENERAL
PUBLIC LICENSE, and a copy of it should be found in the source under the

Daniel Veillard
veillard redhat com


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