Re: Aisleriot/Blackjack cards

On Sat, 12 Jan 2008, Thomas H.P. Andersen wrote:

I would have loved to see Sean's cards as well but last I heard there
was some performance problems with them.

These cards look very nice, but they aren't usable yet? Could they be added to gnome-games-extra-data?

The only difference between anglo and gnomanglo is the back of the cards right?

Yes, that is the only difference, and is also the reason it was created. The default 'bonded' cards have quite low-quality king, queen and jack, while Anglo is better in this area.

Personally I think we should just go with gnomanglo but a poll surely
wont't hurt :)

I agree with this. If everyone agrees, then there's no need for a poll.

 - Andreas

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