Re: Searching for a Sudoku client to put into GNOME-games

On 8/25/06, Vincent Povirk <madewokherd+d41d gmail com> wrote:
Well, I don't think the results from that question ("Which Gnome game
do you like the best?") will give an accurate picture of which games
people are actually playing.

Most people probably play more than one game in the package, and this
question doesn't really account for that fact. The survey would
neglect a game if it turns out to be played by a lot of people but
isn't a favorite for most of them. I think such a game should be kept.

Also, I think that there will probably be one game that gets
significantly more votes than the others (if I had to guess I'd say
aisleriot or gnomine as those are the ones that correspond to games
that come with windows..but then it might just be that those are my
favorites). We now know that the rest of the voting population does
not favor that game more than any others. So that population isn't
necessarily (and I think probably won't be) representative of the
whole group. I think this problem will only compound over 12 games
such that you just couldn't be sure that the last one is really the
right one to get rid of.

Since the goal (as I understand it) is to find out which games people
are playing, the obvious question (to me) is "Which games do you

This is, in fact, the exact, question I asked. I got 28 responses.
Again, I have to get home to get the results, but I don't think they
are as non-reflective as Andreas believes they are. Of course, as with
all stats, you have to take with a certain grain of salt.


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