Re: Searching for a Sudoku client to put into GNOME-games

Corey Burger wrote:
A survey would be a good idea. Where can people participate this survey
that you speak of ?

I ask on the Ubuntu forums and have not yet set up accounts on the
Fedora forums todo the same. We might also want to go with a blog post
or two and gnomedesktop. The gnomesupport forums might also be
Asking a question on some forum will not give you representative and reliable results to a survey. The results you get will therefore not be worth much. Jason and I, the maintainers of gnome-games will decide how we choose which game to deprecate. One suggestion would be to create a web-based survey on, and ask "Which Gnome game do you like the best?", and remove the game with the least number of votes. After we have removed a game, we can have a new survey to decide which new game to accept.

- Andreas

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