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  > I'm attaching all of the images as a tar.gz file to this email. The number
  > in the filenames of each document represents the number that they are
  > listed on the Gitlab contest for voting.

I saw your message only today.  I have been so backlogged this week I
haven\t even seen all the messages from Tuesday yet.

I can get those images into a page on  I think we can call it

Please send me text we should put in the page to explain its purpose,
how to vote, etc.

In order for that to do any good, people need to know about it.
For instance, you could send out another announcement.  Ok?

To finish the job, there needs to be a way to vote without running
Javascript code. asks for
login.  (Strange, it didn't do that when I tried it the first time.  I
was able to see the page with the logos, though not the logos

I cannot test logging in, since I don't have an account.
Likewise, I can't test submitting a set of numbers of logos.

Can someone please test that, with LibreJS active?
If that doesn't work, how should we tell people to votd
after they see our page of logos?

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