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  > Luckily, the full and corresponding source code is available. I think,
  > however, what you're asking is for is a pointer in a format that is
  > machine readable by LibreJS.

Exactly.  To investigate whether all the JS code in a page is actually
free is a lot of work.  Expecting each user to investigate this
question for each page is not a workable approach.  What is workable
is for the site developers to indicate the licensing and source in a
clear way for each script.  Then we can automate the job for the users
by means of LibreJS.

  > I had a look at that, it seems that the implementation of Web Labels
  > table:
  > a) doesn't support wildcarding or regexes
  > b) requires a physical link to be added to every page rather than
  > fetching from a known location.

Perhaps it would be good to add those features.  However, there may be
nontechnical reasons not to do that -- we need to study that question.
I will ask the LibreJS developers to study it with me.  However, the
discussion will take time, and implementation would take time too.

Since the logo competition has a deadline, and this involves
one page or a few pages, I suggest that you make the necessary small
changes in the site now.  I understand the reasons to minimize divergence
from upstream, but "minimize" does not mean "absolutely reject".
Right now, it's necessary.

There is another immediate practical fix: make a simple page of HTML
which shows the logos, and link to it from the existing page saying
"If the logo images do not appear, go _there_."  It won't be elegant
but it will do the job.  It won't introduce any divergence from the
upstream models -- it will have no relation to them.

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