Foundation issue tracking

Hi everyone,

For some time the board has tracked ongoing issues as a big, ever-evolving section in the minutes. This has some advantages [1], but it's fairly labour intensive for the secretary and isn't the most sophisticated issue tracking system! This is why the board has decided to try using GitLab to track ongoing issues [2] instead.

Most issues will be public, but a proportion will be private for confidentiality and legal reasons.

The main difference you will notice as a result of this change is that minutes will be much shorter and will only cover what was said in each meeting. The board will endeavour to ensure that the minutes reflect what's happened each week, by including updates for significant developments as a part of each meeting.

This is an experiment, so do let us know what you think as time goes on.

Best wishes,

Vice-President & Secretary, GNOME Foundation Board of Directors

[1] For example, we're exposed to it every meeting, and the ongoing items list is regularly recorded and emailed out.

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