Re: Appeal for changes to GNOME [was: My Letter to Withdraw Membership from the GNOME Foundation]

On Sun, 2018-03-18 at 16:46 +0800, Tong Hui wrote:
Good news that you stay with us! Yes our goal is solving problem, not
just leave them there and withdrawing. Sorry that I modify your

Yes, I was very pleased to see the second letter. It takes strength to
apologise in public in that way and to stay.

As for specific features such as icons on the desktop, transparent
terminal backgrounds, control over the animation speed of the panel,
spatial file browser, some of these go away and some come back agin
over the years as people learn what works and what doesn't. You have to
look past the initial reactions of "this is different do I don't like
it" and that can be hard.

Actually for quite a long time there was a choice in vanilla gnome
between having a desktop background image and having icons, you
couldn't have both. Maybe it'd be interesting to have a "show desktop
with icons" gesture, like the gesture that gets you to the pseudo-mac
dock today to start programs.

Welcome back, Mingcong.
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