Appeal for changes to GNOME [was: My Letter to Withdraw Membership from the GNOME Foundation]

Good news that you stay with us! Yes our goal is solving problem, not
just leave them there and withdrawing. Sorry that I modify your

For zh_cn translation team, it is very pleasant that you applying as a
committer or a coordinator, with your passion and exhortation ability,
it will replacing the irresponsible one and call for more people join
and improve.

For other issue that you mentioned, I do agree with you!! A lot of
people from social network argued that removing Desktop icons - even
though I don't use it, but please listen to or say survey users.
Developer could make a online survey to public, or some changes may
act as a Shell extension first, If the extension were most popular, it
could import to the mainstream.

I don't think Mingcong Bai's withdrawing is wise, but he figured out
the problem are vital to GNOME, we should make some changes to embrace
and respect user's experience and voice, not just impose developer's

Best Regards,

On Sun, Mar 18, 2018 at 2:52 PM, Mingcong Bai <jeffbai aosc io> wrote:
Hi again,

First of all I would like to apologise for my abrupt statement, I have
realised the unnecessary toxicity of the letter. I probably should have
consulted my mentor - and with Tong Hui reaching out to me, I have realised
some of my ignorance regarding the functioning of a community.

The first thought I had when I wrote this letter, was that I wanted to let
the community - especially this family of contributors and experienced
organisers - be aware of the issues that users, distro developers, and even
our own contributors are facing. I meant no harm to any of the individuals,
but the community does have some troubling circumstances that should be
changed in a timely fashion.

I have reached an agreement with Tong Hui, my mentor, and himself being a
Foundation member - that I would like to *retract* my former statement
regarding my withdrawal and the termination of my activities in the L10n
team. I do apologize for the drama.

However, I do hold on to the words regarding the issues. And I would still
hope that this has made the Foundation aware of these issues - though as
pointed out by Tong Hui, there should have been more links and references,
and I shall provide them if anyone would like to inquire my claims.

The plan forward... I would try and apply to become a committer for the
zh_CN team, and going hands-on to rectify the lack of efficiency that our
team has been facing for years.

Thank you again, for the opportunities given, and again - please accept my
apologies for the negativity I have brought to this list earlier.

Best Regards,
Mingcong Bai

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