Re: My Letter to Withdraw Membership from the GNOME Foundation

On Sat, Mar 17, 2018 at 11:01 PM, Mingcong Bai <jeffbai aosc io> wrote:
- Desktop icons removed, why?

Carlos wrote up a detailed explanation before the change was made:

or, is it because that GNOME has never been able to show desktop
icons under the Wayland session, which you guys are so enthusiastic to push

It's not true that GNOME has never been able to show desktop icons
under the wayland session,
in fact it was rather trivial to make them show up:

So no, that's not the reason.

- User Actions menu is now hidden when there's only one user or one session

"Now" as in "since 2012", see the relevant bugs:

Those conditions for showing or hiding the log out item haven't change
since then - all the
way back to GNOME 3.4. Note how the unified system menu with the user
submenu appeared
much later than that (but still over four years ago) in 3.10, so it
never worked differently.

I'm not saying that old design decision can never be questioned, but
 - after several years without negative feedback, it is safe to say that most
  of our user base appears to be fine with the default behavior
 - you didn't provide any use case where "log out" should be shown by default,
  but isn't (other than "but I do want to see the log out option no
matter what",
  for which we have an option that does exactly that)

- The GNOME Usage App [...] doesn't handle file permission error at all

This is simply a bug (one among many others, in Usage as well as all
other apps). I cannot
see a reason why the maintainers wouldn't gladly accept a patch to
address the issue (or
do it themselves when the issue is brought to their attention). There
is really no reason for
outrage here.


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