My Letter to Withdraw Membership from the GNOME Foundation

Hi again,

First of all I would like to apologise for my abrupt statement, I have realised the unnecessary toxicity of the letter. I probably should have consulted my mentor - and with Tong Hui reaching out to me, I have realised some of my ignorance regarding the functioning of a community.

The first thought I had when I wrote this letter, was that I wanted to let the community - especially this family of contributors and experienced organisers - be aware of the issues that users, distro developers, and even our own contributors are facing. I meant no harm to any of the individuals, but the community does have some troubling circumstances that should be changed in a timely fashion.

I have reached an agreement with Tong Hui, my mentor, and himself being a Foundation member - that I would like to *retract* my former statement regarding my withdrawal and the termination of my activities in the L10n team. I do apologize for the drama.

However, I do hold on to the words regarding the issues. And I would still hope that this has made the Foundation aware of these issues - though as pointed out by Tong Hui, there should have been more links and references, and I shall provide them if anyone would like to inquire my claims.

The plan forward... I would try and apply to become a committer for the zh_CN team, and going hands-on to rectify the lack of efficiency that our team has been facing for years.

Thank you again, for the opportunities given, and again - please accept my apologies for the negativity I have brought to this list earlier.

Best Regards,
Mingcong Bai

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