Re: Minutes of the Board meeting of January, 31st, 2017

On Mon, Apr 03, 2017 at 11:04:38AM +0100, aday gnome org wrote:
   Our expenses have recently increased due to hiring an ED, so 
there's a need to be frugal.
   The Foundation hasn't contributed to fundraisers in the past. 
Contributing to these two would therefore set a precedent, and we might 
need a policy regarding which fundraisers we support and how much.
   I think there were some concerns about funding individuals through 
a subscription service like patreon, as opposed to more targeted 
fundraisers, although I'm not sure of the details.

I wasn't expecting the Foundation to donate to the fundraiser, but to
help spread the word. Of course, I don't know the original context in
which this topic was brought up.

The board was positive about the fundraisers in general, and did decide 
to encourage the Engagement Team to publicise them. If this hasn't 
happened, there's still time.

I cannot see any mention in, so I can only
assume that this hasn't happened. :)

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