Re: Minutes of the Board meeting of January, 31st, 2017

Debarshi Ray <rishi is lostca se> wrote:
I wasn't expecting the Foundation to donate to the fundraiser, but to help spread the word. Of course, I don't know the original context in which this topic was brought up.

I think it was originally suggested that the Foundation should donate.

If you just want GNOME to promote the fundraisers, there's no need to go through the Board of Directors - just get in touch with the Engagement Team.

The board was positive about the fundraisers in general, and did decide to encourage the Engagement Team to publicise them. If this hasn't happened, there's still time.
I cannot see any mention in, so I can only assume that this hasn't happened. :)

If you wanted to make sure that it happens, you could draft a post to put on there. Or we could just promote the campaigns through our social media accounts.


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