Re: Minutes of the Board meeting of January, 31st, 2017

Debarshi Ray <rishi is lostca se> wrote:
* From the mailing list - patreon campaign * We're going to have an ED, it's going to cost us for a bit until they can bring in money. We should be conservative in the meantime. * The campaigns are not very well framed, it is unclear what they would be working on. * ACTION: Allan to encourage the engagement team to promote the campaigns * ACTION: Allan to reach out to Lapo saying we're keeping an eye on it * ACTION: Nuritzi to ask Neil for his opinion
I was waiting for a wider or more prominent discussion about this with more context, but I haven't seen anything.

There was some subsequent discussion at our meeting on 28 February, although not many of the details made it into the minutes. I might not be remembering accurately, but I seem to recall the following points being raised:

 • Our expenses have recently increased due to hiring an ED, so there's a need to be frugal.
 • The Foundation hasn't contributed to fundraisers in the past. Contributing to these two would therefore set a precedent, and we might need a policy regarding which fundraisers we support and how much.
 • I think there were some concerns about funding individuals through a subscription service like patreon, as opposed to more targeted fundraisers, although I'm not sure of the details.

The board was positive about the fundraisers in general, and did decide to encourage the Engagement Team to publicise them. If this hasn't happened, there's still time.

I also don't know if Lapo was able to clarify the framing of the comapigns. I'd surprised if he didn't. :)

I think the comment about framing is probably a reference to a point that was raised about pippin's fundraiser. His page states:

"By being my patron you will support and encourage my continued work improving, documenting and disseminating existing and ongoing research, experiments and development of various technical and creative projects that aid creative _expression_."

From that it's a bit unclear how much of pippin's time would be spent on GEGL/Gimp.

I assume that by "campaigns" we are talking about pippin and Tanu's campaigns: * *

That's right.

Thanks for the additional detail about what's been happening with these projects - it's helpful. We can certainly reassess our previous decision, if you'd like.


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