Re: More questions for Board candidates

Le jeudi 21 mai 2015 à 17:25 -0400, Karen Sandler a écrit :
I have a few questions for the candidates too. I agree with what has 
been said by Jeff and Josh that it's important that people on the board 
have a diverse skillset, so I wouldn't expect all board members to 
answer yes on these, but I think it's good to know if at least a few 
people on the board have some background in these areas...

Have you ever done any fundraising?

Are you comfortable asking sponsors for money?

Have you ever been in a manager role?

Do you have any experience talking to reporters?

Have you ever talked to a group of people about why software freedom is 

Short answer:   [x] Yes to all

Fundraising includes: preparing the campaign for Pitivi, shooting and
editing videos for local non-profits (including the Québec equivalent of
the FSF+EFF, and a professional symphonic orchestra run by a
foundation), possibly some others I'm forgetting (besides everyday
"business advice", that is).

I've also been talking to adboard members and possible sponsors for
specific GNOME initiatives, over email/by phone/in person.

Talking with reporters: dealt with them on a few occasions, from afar
and up close. Co-wrote various press releases. Did "press review" work
for a client where I would monitor what is being said about an entire
industry—locally and worldwide—across a few hundred news sources and
provide a digest everyday by 7 AM (remember when I had to excuse myself
from one of the sessions at GUADEC last year? That was why…). Been in a
TV newsroom twice, though not as the one being interviewed in front of
the cameras.

The rest is pretty much visible on my personal homepage :)

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