Re: More questions for Board candidates

Hi Karen,

Thanks for your questions!

On Thu, May 21, 2015 at 2:25 PM, Karen Sandler <karen gnome org> wrote:
I have a few questions for the candidates too. I agree with what has been said by Jeff and Josh that it's important that people on the board have a diverse skillset, so I wouldn't expect all board members to answer yes on these, but I think it's good to know if at least a few people on the board have some background in these areas...

Have you ever done any fundraising?

Not really; I have only marginally been exposed to this aspect during my work so far.
I have some small experience participating in the organization of local events from when I was in university.

Are you comfortable asking sponsors for money?

I believe I would feel comfortable doing this, despite not being something I have a lot of experience with.
My level of comfort also would probably depend on the purpose of the sponsorship and how closely I can relate to it.

Have you ever been in a manager role?

That has never been my job title, though in more recent years I started taking on project/team lead responsibilities.

Do you have any experience talking to reporters?

Only very little, mostly related to some PR efforts I participated to in my work experience at Endless.

Have you ever talked to a group of people about why software freedom is important?

Yes. In addition to presenting to free software conferences like GUADEC, I have been involved in initiatives from local user groups in Italy, even though not in recent times.
I pitched the importance of free software many times and to very different audiences, both in professional and personal settings.


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