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On Fri, Jan 2, 2015 at 1:59 AM, Fabiano Fidêncio <fabiano fidencio org> wrote:
Can you be more explicit about what you mean with "tools used to do
your/the bank transactions run nonfree software"

AFAIU, when you do a bank transfer, the job responsible for your
transaction will be executed in the next scheduled period.
There are people monitoring and scheduling it (most likely not using
free software for this), there is a system on where it is being
running (same here ...).

According to the GNU/FSF advocacy, in the case of a service it is ok
not to have access to the source code since you're not the one running
the software.

Apart from that, when you open your bank account you deal with people
using an OS, using the bank applications, most likely non-free
software. When you do a deposit in cash, for someone working in the
bank, mos likely this person is not running a free software. And so
on, and so on ...

The argument could be made that it is a shame that the person whose
dealing with the software on the other side of the counter doesn't
have access to the source code, but in this case nobody forces *you*
to use non-free software so it is ok on your side of the counter
(which seems to be the part you're missing).

If are you really concerned about people using non free software, you
should take everything in consideration, no? Asking for a thin layer
of free software stuff running seems a bit useless for me.

In this particular case, Richard asks to be allowed to participate
without being forced to use non-free software on his machine. This is
something clearly different from asking for the source of everything
being available to everyone. You can learn more about this at the
above link and at

And I'm really wondering how much these random comments about "not
good, not free software" coming from and with no real suggestions can
help instead of just generate noise and silly discussions like this

You're mislead about the intentions of people caring about software
freedom. Your stance is that they should not be so focused on their
cause, but maybe you should be a bit more open as well and consider
their points and reasoning rather than just outright claiming it is

Quite frankly, people that act like that are as tiresome as they claim RMS is.

Hmm. Didn't get good examples from "moot" in the Urban Dictionary
Maybe it should be used a bit more carefully. :-)

Or maybe you should be more careful with the sources you use as
references. adjective, third
(North America) Having no practical impact or relevance. "That point
may make for a good discussion, but it is moot" 1b has a similar definition. I
guess any respectable dictionary will have one.


Alexandre Franke

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