Re: OPW; Where does the 500$ for each GSoC goes?

On Tue, 2014-09-16 at 10:22 +0200, Christophe Fergeau wrote:
So it's better to only have 15 students working on important things,
rather than having these 15 students, plus 10 others working on less
important things?

Nope! But maybe with a better selection process we could instead end up
with 20 students working on important things, with 5 working on less
important things, and hopefully 0 on projects that don't match GNOME's
priorities at all.

Yes! Within reason; we don't want to push students to work on projects
they're not interested in, but we also don't want to fund them to work
on something that's largely tangential to our interests.

Why not? If it's the preferred student project, if the maintainers of
the associated module is ok with the project, isn't it good to have
students learn about our platform in general (gtk+, ...) even though
they are not working on a core GNOME module? We try to find some kind of
balance between the various projects, we sometimes try to push students
to work on core projects rather than the alternatives, but sometimes
students are just not interested, or the core projects
maintainers/contributors cannot mentor any/more students.

Well at the end of the day, the number of students we accept is going to
be based on how many Google allows us to, but I'd rather such projects
be prioritized lower than others.

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