Re: OPW; Where does the 500$ for each GSoC goes?

On Sun, 2014-09-14 at 15:29 +0200, Alberto Ruiz wrote:
I have a question, please explain me how outreach is mutually
exclusive with creating great software? 

Well hold up, nobody has suggested that "outreach is mutually exclusive
with creating great software."  Sebastien suggested that it may not be
the best way to spend our funds. I get the impression that we have not
sufficiently considered whether it is or not. This is something we
should discuss, and I'm glad Sebastien is asking these questions.

When the Foundation spends money, the goal should be to maximize its
benefit to GNOME. So when approving funding for a project, we should
consider how important the project is to GNOME. When deciding how much
to spend on outreach, we should consider what proportion of our students
become long-term contributors, how important are their contributions,
how many projects fail, and how many projects are finished successfully
but then languish forever in GitHub or Bugzilla and never get merged. I
wonder what these numbers are.

It would also be good to actually consider the value of student projects
before funding them. With GSoC we just picked which students seemed most
likely to successfully complete the projects they proposed, rather than
actually evaluating which projects were most important to GNOME. I think
we got a good set of students, but I'd rather select a promising student
while rejecting the student's project proposal if the proposal is only
tangential to our interests. In the past you mentioned that you think we
should fund any GNOME-related project. I disagree. I'm not sure if it
would be beneficial to mention specific projects, but to be blunt, I
think some of our GSoC projects were a waste of money. And I have no
clue how many were completed successfully, or how many were completed
but never merged; if we keep track of this at all, it doesn't seem to be


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