Re: Minutes of the Board Meeting of March 11th, 2014

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    Indeed. We agreed that we need a clear privacy policy before we do
    anything - this will explain exactly what data is being sent, who it
    is being sent to, how the data will be used (and not used), and so on.
    I think that the writing of this document will help to clarify these
    issues and open them up to debate.

How and where data will be used is the second question.
The first question is whether to collect the data.

Collecting data about people requires justification
because its use will not be entirely under our control.
(Think USA PAT RIOT Act, NSA, data leaks, etc.).  If we don't want
a pervasive surveillance society, "it's common to collect such data"
must not be considered enough justification to collect it in
yet another case.

What is the data in question, and why propose to collect it?

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