Re: Can a foundation member have access to the sponsorship history?

On Fri, 2014-06-06 at 08:51 +0200, Fabiano Fidêncio wrote:

3) Check if the values spent are okay

Here I am unsure what you are asking for.  I published summaries in the
past regarding to GUADEC, for example (Sorry for my English, it was
rustier than now):

If you are asking for details of how much we have sponsored per every
individual, it was decided at the very beginning to keep that
information private.  It was also part of the announcement (see the
links below):

    "Any information you send the TC will be private"

If we provide the names and numbers, there will be missing contextual
information to explain some things.  And this could refrain people of
requesting sponsorship. So, there is a trade-off between transparency
and privacy.

This is the thing that I don't understand.
Why people would not ask for sponsorship if the reasons are valid? I
the transparency should not influence in these cases, right?
IIRC, GNOME Foundation already asks people to do a blog post saying that
they were sponsored by GNOME Foundation. So, what would be the problem to
have a list of names, describing if the person is member or not of the
Foundation and the motivation to help this person? (I'm not even talking
about expose how much money they got from Foundation).

As I mentioned before, in some cultures, disclosing personal
situations can be considered shameful. Asking sponsorship applicants
to detail their personal financial situations publicly is very likely
to discourage applications from some parts of the world.

And what about have a list of sponsored people?

I think a list of just sponsored could be done, maybe in the annual

FWIW, when I replied, I supposed you were asking some data aggregated
(like names and numbers). I was unsure what you were asking and I stated

From the thread, it seems there is a confusion between secrecy and
privacy.  To make it clear: when you go to the washroom, everybody knows
what you are going to do, and yet you close the door. That is privacy.

When people apply, they sometimes add information that might not be
secret, but still private.  For example, when somebody gets or it is
going to get unemployed, and still might want to participate in an
event.  Or if someone ask for a single room (which is more expensive)
because of some disability. Or many other explanations.

Germán Poo-Caamaño

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