Re: Mission Statement

Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net> wrote:
Second, OPW has been beneficial for GNOME. It has raised our profile
and further established our role as leaders in the Free Software
world. Our sponsors are enthusiastic about OPW (conversely, moving OPW
out of GNOME would give them one less reason to support us).

While that was true when it was limited to participation in GNOME
itself, that's not the case anymore. All of the branding is now

I'm pretty sure that our Ad Board members know that we administer the
programme. We also do our own marketing, such as the latest Annual
Report, which had a section on OPW, and was distributed to Ad Board

And reading a blog post like this:
it feels like it wasn't people in GNOME that came up with programme, but
that GNOME was just the first organisation to benefit from it (see "What
is the FOSS Outreach Program for Women").

While the interpretation isn't quite right, that blog post talks about
GNOME and does so positively. It's giving us good exposure.


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