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On Thu, Aug 7, 2014 at 8:54 AM, Mathieu Duponchelle <mduponchelle1 gmail com> wrote:
It seems I'm far from being the only one to think OPW should be abstracted away from GNOME. The subject of this thread clearly is GNOME's mission statement, and I'm interested in further discussion / opinions on that subject.

I don't think it's relevant. GSoC is also outside of the mission statement, though as I said before I think there are allusions to outreach in the Charter. I think the discussion should focus on what is relevant, which is how the Foundation should deal with the financial and administrative aspects of the program. Otherwise we can also lump in any other outreach we do to new contributors, which I think would be odd, since FOSS does rely on contributors and internship programs are a good way to recruit them.

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