Re: Distribution Naming System (Was: Re: Is there GNU/Linux distribution which includes always latest gnome 3)

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The basic point of your message is a variant of a FAQ,

    Richard, I think you should think about why GNU got itself in such
    situation, the GNU project failed to build a brand and communicate an
    appealing message, Linux built a great brand instead. 

Other people put their "brand" on our work, which was harmful to us
and beneficial for them.  Your description recounts those events with
a lot of spin: it blames the GNU Project for what was done to us,
while congratulating the success of those who did it.

I think I will add this to the GNU/Linux FAQ.

There are already plenty of people and projects that call the system
GNU/Linux -- not just GNU activities such as this one.  There is no
final outcome.  We in GNOME can influence the outcome, and we should.

You've raised some interesting development questions, and I will think
about them, but I think they are separate issues.

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