Re: Minutes of the Board meeting of October 29th, 2013

On 11/21/2013 05:03 PM, Máirín Duffy wrote:
I had no idea there was even an engagement list. Was it announced on
this list?

Why was a redirect put in place? It comes off as very aggressive.

Why not have a placeholder page that has a link to the new page, so that
the history is still accessible? I have no clue how you dug up that link, how does one look something like that up? How
would a layman researching GNOME's brand history come across that?
Certainly not through Google, I tried!

And what of the OPW intern's work?

Yu's work was completed, and that was a good internship, but I haven't made too much use of the guidelines in the materials I've created of late. I think she did some work herself for GNOME Asia based upon it though. I kind of sucked as a mentor in that round and was unable to properly push her in the visual direction that I felt fitted with the rest of our work and then I kind of ended up not using that too much...
- Andreas

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