Re: Minutes of the Board meeting of October 29th, 2013

Hi :)

On 21.11.2013 11:19, Vincent Untz wrote:
I think that if our trademark guidelines restrict too much our extended
community (by extended, I mean groups like downstreams, LUGs, etc.),
then things are broken.

I agree.

This could be because the guidelines are unnecessarily too strict or
because the trademark requires too strict guidelines
Can you elaborate? I don't think we want unnecessarily strict
guidelines. It may very well be that our trademark guidelines need to be

Btw, I suddenly wonder: if what is trademarked is the "foot + GNOME
text" image, then is usage of only the foot covered by the trademark?
Probably not. But your premise doesn't hold true. writes:

The GNOME trademarks are:
    The word GNOME™
    The GNOME foot logo


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