Re: Proposal: DNS change becomes A record and starts getting phased out.

On Fri, May 10, 2013 at 07:48:21PM +0200, Sebastian Keller wrote:
One time on #gnome on freenode somebody was asking a11y specific
questions for his quadriplegic friend and I redirected him to "#a11y on". When he saw that the networks name was "GIMPNet" he got
really furious and accused me of tricking him to connect to something
called "GIMPNet" just to make fun of him and his friend.
So in the case of a11y the network name is really really unfortunate and
given GNOME's a11y efforts it should be reason enough to change the
network name.

This is a perfect example of the very point I have been trying to make since
the beginning of this discussion, so I am pointing this out one last time,
just to make sure the message comes across clearly enough.

Changing into an A record poses little additional burden (as
explained, of keeping up with the IRC network structure), so I really don't
mind that someone will waste a couple of minutes to get it done. My only
concern is that it is not going to solve the problem at hand.

People will be pointed to, as they already are, and they will
keep seeing themselves connected to GIMPNet, because that's the network's
name, as advertised by the IRC server.

People who are likely to be offended by the name will still be offended. A
slight modification in the mostly invisible path of domain name resolution
will not change anything in user experience. That's all.

Kind regards to all,


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