Re: GNOME Board of Directors Elections 2013 - Voting Instructions sent


best to update your account's email since it currently points to the same email as the one registered for your foundation membership. We actually need a way to verify your identity for updating account / membership information. Drop me an e-mail to accounts gnome org and we'll sort it out.


2013/5/27 Marcus Moeller <mail marcusmoeller ch>
Dear Andrea

we have just sent the ballots to the registered email addresses of the

If you have not received your voting instructions, have a look on the
list of eligible voters on <>
and check the email account that is associated with you. Also check the
SPAM folder. In case you are not on the list of eligible voters but
think you should be, write us an email (see below).

Is there a way to change my eMail address to marcus moeller gmx ch?


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them at
membership-committee gnome org <>
or elections gnome org <mailto:elections gnome org>.

Happy Voting,
   Andrea Veri

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Fedora / EPEL packager,
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