Re: Announcing GNOME's official GitHub mirror

Hello Christian,

2013/8/15 Christian Persch <chpe gnome org>:
That's a distinction without difference. The point remains that the
GNOME trademark is used to promote a proprietary web service.
Coupled with the word "Official" this even constitutes a strong

It's the other way around, we are using the GitHub trademark to
promote contributions to GNOME, GitHub will do just fine with or
without us, the extend at which we are promoting them is very limited
if almost non existant.

We could remove the word official, sure, that won't make it any less
official though, the hooks will still be within GNOME's infrastucture
and I will be making sure they run fine.

Just to clarify, this is NOT the official git mirror for GNOME, this
is the official GNOME mirror for github users. I have no plans to push
for maintainers or any GNOME related activity relying on this mirror,
this is a nice to have for existing github users.

I've received word that the board will consider this question, so let's
leave it at that until then.

Sure, but if you want to play the integrity game, how come you are not
questioning our usage of Google services all across our
infrastructure? The usage of twitter and Google+ as outreach tools?
Should we also ban any company from joining the foundation if they
have any privative product? Cause we are promoting them officially in
our foundation's page, you know?

Sorry if I sound harsh but I can't help thinking that this complains
are extremely arbitrary and quite far from being coherent. If you care
about sofware freedom, how come you are against of it being more
widely available and placed in a service that would in effect attract
more contributions?

If you are afraid that by supporting this mirror we are going to make
GitHub even more popular you should check GitHub stats on active users
and code being hosted and compare it to GNOME at large, you would be
surprised how extremely small we are in comparison.

It is us who are taking advantage of them, not the other way around.

Alberto Ruiz

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