Re: A few observations about GIMPNET

>> Who exactly "owns" GimpNet and if asking on #opers doesn't get us the
>> answers we seek, how else can we get them?
> Very nice question Joanmarie, who takes decisions on behalf of the
> GIMPNET network? if GIMPNET is aliased the GNOME IRC network why they
> don't listen to contributor's ideas and suggestions? why they don't
> have a single place where people can raise concerns? also how do you
> expect a newcomer to understand that GIMPNET is the GNOME network when
> the MOTD is still set to be "bork bork...don't irc as root" in many
> GIMPNET's servers? or when the topic of a channel isn't set at all or
> disappears because there are no services?
> There are several things to improve and as far as I see it now the
> GIMPNET networks looks like being unmaintained.
> Thanks Joanmarie for pointing this out.

You're welcome. But you answered my non-rhetorical question with
questions -- and rhetorical ones at that. ;)

So allow me to try again: Would it be possible for you or another member
of the sysadmin team to:

* determine who "owns" this network
* verify if it is really unmaintained
* if it really is unmaintained, offer to become a maintainer
* improve it with the specified features


Take care.

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