Re: GNOME now

On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 10:26:22AM -0500, Emily Gonyer wrote:
> Exactly. This is what most browsers do now as well - they have a
> 'preferences' with very basic, standard things (much as we have in
> settings currently). Then theres a little button for "advanced" - and
> then you get all sorts of settings for all manner of things. Why can't
> we integrate much of whats in dconf & tweak-tool into settings in
> 'advanced' or 'custom' sections?

There has been a decision on advanced buttons many years ago (I think
2.0 time). Since it has been raised and discussed various times.

A few of the reasons:
- advanced button will always be clicked, resulting in always performing
  extra steps (it is a bit more than 'user defined')
- increased complexity
- increased support+QA (e.g. focus-follow-mouse is partly broken atm, if
  you show it by default it'll better work!)
- more translation work (damned lies counts gschema stuff differently)
- goes against 'should work by default'

and so on.

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