Re: A question to the candidates

hi Gil;

On 27 May 2012 10:21, Gil Forcada <gforcada gnome org> wrote:
> My question is about hardware and contacts:

keeping good relations with ISVs, OSVs, and even OEMs is a fundamental
part of a complex software project like GNOME. we obviously need to
propose GNOME as a viable alternative to iOS, Winphone, and Android on
the mobile form factors - just like we propose it as an alternative
for Windows and Mac on the desktop.

obviously, we need a platform to actually propose, and though we're
getting closer to that point, we're still far away from actually going
to a manufacturers conference and say: "just go on, download
this disk image, and try it on your rooted Android phone". or to a
software vendors conference and say: "just go on and
download our virtual machine image with all the development tools to
write and deploy your code".

those two are the prerequisites for actually gathering hardware and
applications; our desktop offering is enticing, and it's a showcase of
not only what we can do, but also of what the free and open source
software development model can achieve - but it's not enough. try to
bootstrap an entire GNOME environment on a tablet; try to create
something that can be QA tested; try to provide a Developer Experience
that can match our User Experience. those are goals that need to be
achieved, along with cultivating relationships with hardware and
software vendors - with the end goal of having more freedom in all our
computing devices.



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