Re: A question for the candidates


"Tobias Mueller" <muelli cryptobitch de> wrote:
>So I would try to have the minutes sent
>around ASAP. But as far as I could see, nobody was suffering enough yet
>to publicly ask whether it'd be possible to make things more (timely)

I don't know if I count or not, but I have asked publicly several times this year about the status of things being mentioned in old board minutes - specifically the situation for 2013 and GUADEC/Desktop Summit.

My goal has never been to show anyone up, so I have also asked through back channels several more times, and did actually get some not-yet-public information, which is frankly even more frustrating, because on principle, I have kept that to myself while it hasn't been made public.

I don't know if the people concerned are aware of the impact delays like this can have on morale and volunteer effort - I'd like to think they are, and find the delays just as frustrating as me.

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