Re: question for candidates

2011/5/25 Andy Tai <atai atai org>
As Fedora is the only current GNU/Linux distribution adapting GNOME 3.0 as the default desktop, how would you facilitate to make GNOME technologies to work well (meaning minimal local patching needed) on other GNU/Linux distributions like Debian, and such distributions which may work on components competing with certain parts of GNOME, such as Ubuntu? 

As a board member (and even if not a board member), I would listen to everyone's concerns and try to get the right people together to discuss them. Including people that are not currently involved with GNOME, if necessary.
And how would you facilitate to make GNOME 3 run well on other free OS environments, especially the BSD based ones, like OpenBSD and FreeBSD?

I think the first step is to define what is missing to make that happen. Is it a technical issue? A lack of desire on the OS side? A lack of interest on the GNOME side? Are they waiting to see what will happen?

And how would you facilitate collaborations with Ubuntu, especially, despite the different viewpoints of developers on issues like GNOME Shell vs. Unity?

By building better relationships between Canonical and the community. While I think many individuals have good relationships, the communities (Canonical & GNOME) do not. I think relationships are built by spending time together so I'd encourage design hackathons, usability hackathons, meetings at UDS & the Desktop Summit, etc.


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