Re: question for candidates

On Wed, 2011-05-25 at 11:10 -0700, Andy Tai wrote:
> As Fedora is the only current GNU/Linux distribution adapting GNOME
> 3.0 as the default desktop, how would you facilitate to make GNOME
> technologies to work well (meaning minimal local patching needed) on
> other GNU/Linux distributions like Debian, and such distributions
> which may work on components competing with certain parts of GNOME,
> such as Ubuntu?  And how would you facilitate to make GNOME 3 run well
> on other free OS environments, especially the BSD based ones, like
> OpenBSD and FreeBSD?
I really think we should get in more discussions with any GNOME
distributor, so that we cover our needs and theirs (or part of). As for
the Ubuntu side, which I explicitly mentioned on my candidacy mail, I
think there are problems on both sides. First, Ubuntu people should get
more involved in the development of GNOME, by taking part in the
discussions and development of new features. From the GNOME side, the
anti-ubuntu/canonical feeling that some Ubuntu/Canonical people perceive
[1] should completely disappear.

So, whether I get elected or not, I will try as hard as possible to get
more Ubuntu/Canonical people to contribute actively to GNOME and that
will only lead to the anti-ubuntu perception to disappear. To start
with, just so you know, Ubuntu's next version (Oneiric) is including

But Fedora being the only distro with GNOME3 is just a matter of timing,
since GNOME3 just got released a few weeks ago. I'm sure most distros
will have GNOME 3.0/3.2 soon

As for gnome-shell/unity, I think that's technical enough to not be part
of the board's role, but as other candidates have said, if Ubuntu keeps
using the GNOME platform, we should be helping them having the platform
they need, and Ubuntu should communicate to GNOME what it expects from
the platform. But again, that's a technical thing, and the board should
just help in making the relationships with Ubuntu (and others) as smooth
as possible.

[1] I work for Canonical and I don't see that anti-canonical feeling at
all from GNOME contributors, but lots of people in the Ubuntu community
have told me they feel that way. So not sure what the problem is really,
but there is that perception for sure.

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