Re: question for candidates


On 05/25/11 13:10, Andy Tai wrote:
As Fedora is the only current GNU/Linux distribution adapting GNOME 3.0
as the default desktop, how would you facilitate to make GNOME
technologies to work well (meaning minimal local patching needed) on
other GNU/Linux distributions like Debian, and such distributions which
may work on components competing with certain parts of GNOME, such as
Ubuntu?  And how would you facilitate to make GNOME 3 run well on other
free OS environments, especially the BSD based ones, like OpenBSD and

I think everyone is encouraged to work towards making GNOME work to
meet their needs, as with any free software.  As long as patches
can be kept manageable and under control, then I do not foresee any
serious problems.

And how would you facilitate collaborations with Ubuntu, especially,
despite the different viewpoints of developers on issues like GNOME
Shell vs. Unity?

The GNOME Foundation already does work to encourage discussion
between important contributors.  There are a lot of topics to consider
and discuss surrounding GNOME Shell and Unity and other technologies
based on GNOME.  I am sure this will be a big focus over the next year
and beyond.  At any rate, I think that Unity and GNOME Shell share
enough infrastructure that there should be no serious concern that we
will stop collaborating.


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